{"title":"Astro Farm","dateDebut":"1992","dateEnd":"1994","description":"This great spaced-out series followed the adventures of the Foxwood family\r\n - Sam, Lizzie and son Tom - on their galactic farm way out in the farthest\r\n reaches of the galaxy. Tom had a cool space dog pal called Dinko, who\r\n looked a little like that crackin' Aardman creation Gromit. There was also a \r\n large pink Big Moo called Daisy who could produce flavoured milk and inumerable\r\n cosmic chickens, called Clucks. The show's protagonists were two meddling, \r\n muddling alien brothers Splodger and Biff who dwelt in the stars above the farm, \r\n in a gloomy place called Gorpdale. They were forever scheming up ways to get\r\n their greedy hands on the fresh farm vegetables and fruit - slurp!...","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/106974ed498bd93c35a4749b350546d00885977a5540f84f4b5f01fe3a9625e0f01045b311f2e3\/image\/23aee10a6f027e625fe3487cf0be11cf_md.jpg"}