{"title":"Mr. Bean","dateDebut":"1990","dateEnd":"1995","description":"Mr. Bean is a grown man who seems to have been literally born yesterday. He gets up to ingenious oddball nonsense every episode while all the time remaining silent. When he does speak, its with a croaky voice. Written by Nizam Ahmed {cs41na@surrey.ac.uk}\r\n\r\nThe opening credits show Mr. Bean being dropped from the heavens fully grown, and it certainly seems that way. He has a complete ignorance of how to do many simple tasks, but is also incredibly creative and usually can come up with a solution to any problem that a smarter man would never think of. Driving around in a Mini with his faithful teddy bear, he also has a nasty habit of knocking over three-wheeled cars... Written by rmlohner\r\n\r\nA hilarious show of ingenuity and very little brain power, Mr. Bean is about a man named Mr. Bean (Atkinson) with a child-like nature. When faced with life's problems, he'll always be sure to come up with something inventive to assist him. Armed with his teddy and famous green car, Mr. Bean with leave you rolling on the floor! Written by Morticon","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/2f5fb46d69bdad2aa2877f14b215ee1fb65f488f6bc169ffcce88022f68516db3120a54aefa38a\/image\/995ff6b3bdd67c7cb5706458258cc881_md.jpg"}