{"title":"Switched at Birth","dateDebut":"1991","dateEnd":null,"description":"In 1978, two baby girls were born a few days apart from each other in a Wauchula, Florida hospital. Kimberly was sent home with her parents, Robert and Barbara Mays while Arlena -- who had a serious heart defect -- went with Ernest and Regina Twigg. Years later, Arlena's health deteriorates and her family moves to Pennsylvania for heart surgery. There they find her blood tests show her with the wrong blood type and prompts all three to be tested in Baltimore which show that Arlena is not their biological daughter. Still in shock, they wait until Arlena is better to tell her and the rest of the family the news. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and 9-year-old Arlena dies following surgery leaving everyone devastated. Soon after the funeral, Regina starts a search for her real daughter and traces her back to Florida and being raised as Kimberly Mays by her widowed father, Robert (who lost Barbara when Kim was 2). Faced with the possibility of losing his only child, Robert denies any testing on Kimberly and convinces the girl is his own flesh and blood. Based on the incredible true story that started one of the biggest battles in legal history and changed the lives of two families and the little girl caught in the middle forever. Directed by Waris Hussein. ","leadImageMedUrl":null}