{"title":"The Woman in Red","dateDebut":"1984","dateEnd":null,"description":"All that one businessman wanted to do was to live his life on the edge...not ending up on a ledge. It all started four weeks for Teddy Pierce who had everything he could possibly want in life: a loving wife, two beautiful daughters, and good friends. He should be happy, right? Wrong. He feels that he has no sense of adventure and has always played by the rules. That is, until the day he met Charlotte, a captivating cutie in a silky crimson gown leaving him entranced by her charms. Despite being devoted to his wife Didi, Teddy fantasizes about Charlotte and soon gets encouraged by his friends to ask her out on a date. When Charlotte invites Teddy to her bed, he's finally ready to give in to temptation...that is until Charlotte's husband returns home! Based on the screenplay Un \u00e9l\u00e9phant \u00e7a trompe \u00e9norm\u00e9ment (An Elephant Can Be Extremely Deceptive) by Jean-Loup Dabadie and Yves Robert and featuring songs by Stevie Wonder including the Oscar-winning song \"I Just Called To Say I Love You\". Written for the screen and directed by Gene Wilder.\r\n\r\nCast of Characters\r\n\r\nGene Wilder....Teddy Pierce\r\nCharles Grodin....Buddy\r\nJoseph Bologna....Joe\r\nJudith Ivey....Didi Pierce\r\nMichael Huddleston....Mikey\r\nKelly Le Brock....Charlotte\r\nGilda Radner....Ms. Milner\r\nKyle Heffner....Richard\r\nMichael Zorek....Shelly\r\nKyra Stempel....Missy Pierce\r\nRobin Ignico....Becky Pierce\r\n\r\n\r\nm.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/2b7936a8fd4857fdf3c539c716b08af10f9f37d608c51e5a96a0fc632a2dd9d17f57d00081439c\/image\/3tmQ4bf58797971xc15A5.jpeg_md.jpeg"}