{"title":"That Night","dateDebut":"1992","dateEnd":null,"description":"In 1961 Long Island, 10-year-old Alice Bloom is trying to understand just how love works only to be teased by her playmates. Along with that, she starts idolizing 17-year-old Sheryl O'Connor across the street by watching her from bedroom window and copying everything from her favorite record to the kind of perfume she wears and yet, they've never spoken since Sheryl and her Catholic family moved in months ago. Tragedy strikes when Sheryl's father dies suddenly and she finds herself forming a romance with a bowling alley worker named Rick after the funeral. From that moment on, the young couple are inseparable...much to the dismay of Sheryl's mother, the neighbors, and Alice's parents who feel that the little girl shouldn't be friends with them. But it didn't stop the friendship between the girls as Sheryl continues to see Rick even if she had to sneak out night after night. When Mrs. O'Connor finds out about her daughter's late night liaisons that leave her in trouble, she quickly makes plans to send her away to a home for unwed mothers. So it's up to Alice to find a way to reunite them, resolve their differences and run away together. Eliza Dushku's film debut. Based on the novel by Alice McDermott. Written for the screen and directed by Craig Bolotin.\r\n\r\nCast of Characters\r\n\r\nC. Thomas Howell....Rick \r\nJuliette Lewis....Sheryl O'Connor\r\nHelen Shaver....Ann O'Connor\r\nEliza Dushku....Alice Bloom\r\nJ. Smith-Cameron....Carol Bloom\r\nJohn Dossett....Larry Bloom\r\nKatherine Heigl....Kathyn\r\nSarah Joy Stevenson....Barbara\r\nBen Terzulli....Mickey Meyer\r\nThomas Terzulli....Max Meyer \r\nMichael Costello....Don O'Connor \r\nKathryn Meisle....Mrs. Carpenter \r\nAdam LeFevre....Mr. Carpenter \r\nCarolyn Swift....Mrs. Rossi \r\nCharles Musumeci....Mr. Rossi \r\nDebora Robertson....Mrs. Meyer \r\nJohn Healey....Mr. Meyer \r\nBecky Ann Baker....Mrs. Bell \r\nPaul Morella....Mr. Bell \r\n\r\n\r\nm.","leadImageMedUrl":null}