{"title":"The Commitments","dateDebut":"1991","dateEnd":null,"description":"In the working class section of Northern Dublin, young Jimmy Rabbitte was always focused on the music business (at least in the matters of retail) and has very high aspirations of managing the world's greatest band...the only thing is he has one kind of music in mind: soul. After countless auditions that failed to impress at his parents' home, Jimmy assembles a group of young musicians who -- unlike his idols which include James Brown, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, and Wilson Pickett -- are all white. Among the ensemble are a piano player med student, a lead singer with an insufferable ego, a bevvy of beautiful backup singers, and an aging trumpet player with tall tales of travel around and jamming with all the great musicians. And thus, The Commitments were born. Whipping them into musical shape with many rehearsals, Jimmy lands the band their first gig which puts them on the rise. But their climb to song stardom continues to be a rocky one when egos clash and professional relationships become a little more than personal, and jealousies arise leading to Jimmy discovering that he may be lacking the power to keep things in line as everything seems to crumble. Directed by Alan Parker. Based on the novel by Roddy Doyle which was the first in his Barrytown Trilogy followed by The Snapper and The Van.\r\n\r\nCast of Characters\r\n\r\nRobert Arkins....Jimmy Rabbitte\r\nMichael Aherne....Steven Clifford\r\nAngeline Ball....Imelda Quirke\r\nMaria Doyle....Natalie Murphy\r\nDave Finnegan....Mickah Wallace\r\nBronagh Gallagher....Bernie McGloughlin\r\nFelim Gormley....Dean Fay\r\nGlen Hansard....Outspan Foster\r\nDick Massey....Billy Mooney\r\nJohnny Murphy....Joey \"The Lips\" Fagan\r\nKenneth McCluskey....Derek Scully\r\nAndrew Strong....Deco Cuffe\r\nColm Meaney....Jimmy Rabbitte Sr.\r\nAnne Kent....Mrs. Rabbitte\r\nAndrea Corr....Sharon Rabbitte\r\nGerard Cassoni....Darren Rabbitte\r\nRuth and Lindsay Fairclough....The Rabbitte Twins\r\nMichael O'Reilly....Greg\r\nLiam Carney....Duffy\r\n\r\nm.\r\n","leadImageMedUrl":null}