{"title":"Daddy","dateDebut":"1987","dateEnd":null,"description":"High school senior Bobby Burnette has many plans for his future including his girlfriend Stacy, playing his guitar, and going to college out in Boston. But his plans come to a halt when they discovers that she is pregnant after their first sexual encounter. Bobby wants her to have an abortion, but the naive Stacy wants to keep the baby. Placing their dreams aside, Stacy drops out of high school during her pregnancy and Bobby puts his music lessons on hold thinking that the situation is only \"temporary\". But after the child is born, reality soaks in as the teenage couple face some difficult life decisions leaving Bobby hostile and angry with Stacy and everyone around him. Will they find a balance in their new lives or is parenthood going to change everything? Written and directed by John Hertzfeld.\r\n\r\nCast of Characters\r\n\r\nDermot Mulroney....Bobby Burnette\r\nJohn Karlen....Mike Burnette\r\nTess Harper....Ann Burnette\r\nJ.J. Cohen....Dewey\r\nTrey Ames....Chris Burnette\r\nPatricia Arquette....Stacy Holder\r\nDanny Aiello....Coach Jacobs\r\nDarren Dalton....John Sparks\r\nStuart Fratkin....Jake\r\nLaura Leigh Hughes....Kirsten\r\nMicole Mercurio....Mrs. Holder\r\nEdan Gross....Matty Burnette\r\nNoelle Parker....Lana\r\n\r\nm.","leadImageMedUrl":null}