{"title":"Halloween (1978)","dateDebut":"1978","dateEnd":"9999","description":"You put two student film makers together with a very limited budget and you'd think you'd get a bad b movie. Not in the case of Halloween. John Carpenter and Deborah Hill had vision and heart which they spilled into this film.\r\n\r\nHalloween is a creepy horror film which exudes atmosphere. Set in 1978, Halloween is a tale of a young high schooler and baby sitter on the side who has no idea why an insanely dedicated killer is out to slaughter she and her friends. The killer is Michael Myers who had spent 15 years in Smiths Grove Saniatarium after killing his older sister with a really large kitchen knife when he was just 6 years old. Then on Halloween night, his long wait had come to an end. It was time. It was time that HE came home....","leadImageMedUrl":"http:\/\/distro-1.retrojunk.com\/secure\/38e7b2a6be40afa0803a29db7cf52d1bac8028dc79fa3c2379242c5210a89b82ce898a\/image\/t5v2gm1BVT5JQvY08QZdx_md.jpg"}