{"title":"Cobra","dateDebut":"1986","dateEnd":"9999","description":"A gang of neo-fascist thugs, led by the self-proclaimed 'Night Slasher', are breaking into people's homes & cars, then killing them at random. When of of these thugs holds up a food store & takes hostages, Lt. Marian Cobretti - an intense, take-no-prisoners cop, is brought onto the scene to end the hostage-taking. Ranting bizarrely about a 'New World', the man levels a sawed-off shotgun at Cobretti, who hits him with a knife, then guns him down when the man refuses to put down his weapon. Later that night, another murder occurs, attributed to the Night Slasher - and the next day, another one. This one is witnessed by a young woman, Ingrid Knutsen. She drives away before the thugs can kill her, but it isn't long before some creepy-looking people start making attempts on her life - and Cobretti's. Cobretti plans to move the only witness to the blood spree upstate, but with inside information, the thugs follow them. And a battle for survival rages between Cobretti and the thugs...","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/a0b8a92eb824bd3b218c9cc3552a6e5e55d24c02a398b385ce25727f4b07f9a4de029ba5abc100\/image\/1hwD5eIGrQiyD1n6Uz9o1_md.jpg"}