{"title":"The Bullfighters","dateDebut":"1945","dateEnd":null,"description":"The Bullfighters is Laurel and Hardy's last Hollywood film appearence where the boys are Peoria detectives visiting Mexico. Stan became a wonderful Bullfighter. But there were gangsters who were threatening the boys to be skeletons. And they were, Resulting a gag from \"Going Bye-Bye!\"\nCast:\nStan Laurel as Himself\/Don Sebastian\nOliver Hardy as Himself\nWalter Long as Richard K. Muldoon\nFilm Studio: 20th Century Fox\nMPAC Rating: G (General Audiences)\nColor: Black and White","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/distro-1.retrojunk.com\/secure\/09e0da78412b87b61069b23aae3dcb8574c2c569d4411a908af73480ff71b13f76eae7\/image\/XlG9ki278p9wuZlmt8631_md.jpg"}