{"title":"The Man in the Iron Mask","dateDebut":"1998","dateEnd":null,"description":"In 1638 Queen Anne of France gives Birth to a boy, who will inherit the throne one day. But, only known to few, there is a twin brother born minutes later. 22 years later, King Louis XIV rules the country of France, but due to his lifestyle and the costs of war, people are forced to suffer hunger and poverty. Of the Musketeers, who had served his father Louis XIII faithfully, only one is still on the king's side: D'Artagnan, the Capitain of the king's guards. His three companions Aramis, Athos and Porthos have retired into civil life long ago. One day on a royal party, the young and unliked king gets a crush on Christine. This young lady is the fianc","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/1ef254090938f393c535be52a417c840ff1c67d44bd5bf8ac470e00f0179b5e322ba2d6cea46f1\/image\/a5a_4670470dbe__1caa4f0d81.jpg"}