{"title":"Alien from L.A.","dateDebut":"1988","dateEnd":null,"description":"A nerdy teenage girl named Wanda looks for the her who was lost in a archaeology dig in Africa. After searching through her father's notes she stumbles upon a hole leading to a city in the middle of the Earth called Atlantis. Both Wanda and her father are deemed spies by the government however Wanda gets help from a minor named Gus to avoid the government and the crime lords.\r\n\r\nThe film appeared on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000, episode 516.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/8f7f76392d753f1b96387c0fd8e823269adbc9a0a55ef59d7a75c5364387bcf782423bc0ceb311\/image\/0b0_0f56e1045e__db0bf3f62a.jpg"}