{"title":"You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown","dateDebut":"1972","dateEnd":null,"description":"Sally seems to have a problem at school, she is too small to reach her locker, and is too frustrated about it to go back to school. With her show-and-tell project stuck inside, Sally decides to use Charlie Brown as her project. After an embarrassing ordeal for him, he notices that student body elections are coming up. Despite Linus telling Charlie Brown that he should run, Lucy sees Linus as a better contender, and asks him to run. Linus goes up against a student named Russell Anderson, and despite taking an early lead in the polls, Linus may find himself slipping up when he mentions a certain orange holiday figure...","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/7847fec636dca9d0c2254b6158637f493188ce391cb33e06f0fa2954b5706fb880458c6a0ad8f8\/image\/c700c19d276a0ec2975a371fff985607.png"}