{"title":"xXx","dateDebut":"2002","dateEnd":null,"description":"xXx (spoken as \"Triple X\") is a 2002 action film starring Vin Diesel, who stars as the rebellious Genius Bruiser Xander Cage, a fugitive stuntman pressed into service by the NSA chief Samuel L. Jackson. What follows is a series of action-movie-setting \"tests\" of Xander to see if he is ready for the mission for which he had been recruited: the infiltration of anarchistic terrorist group \"Anarchy 99\". The leaders of this group are former KGB agents, trained to sniff out American spies, which means that this mission vast majority of regular, less x-treme NSA agents have been deemed unfit.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/4a3449eb51d56fc9c4793eee57d3f39da18a9cfac358c0a79eeffae3a8039a51576b8671c79cc5\/image\/53110de56ef2e9365aec1181f9e50c28_md.jpg"}