{"title":"Yor, the Hunter from the Future","dateDebut":"1983","dateEnd":null,"description":"Yor, a brave and powerful warrior, is on a quest to discover his origins. He wears a medallion that he thinks might be the answer and finds out there is desert goddess who also shares the same medallion. Along the way he battles ape men, dinosaurs and a technological advance army.\r\n\r\nDirected by Antonio Margheriti.\r\n\r\nThis film is current available on a Region 2 German DVD but it has not been released in other regions. ","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/201e088d5731743efd279ed36e062f53eca02fb3c07d750c31f26a1538a0adf336e4ef8a5f3cf5\/image\/603_4aca2a681c__322c649f66.jpg"}