{"title":"Holes","dateDebut":"2003","dateEnd":null,"description":"Stanley Yelnats IV is a nice teenage boy who was born to an unlucky and cursed family. One day he gets falsely arrested and accused of stealing a pair of shoes that a famous baseball player had donated to charity and gets sentenced to Camp Green Lake, a correctional facility where teenage boys dig holes despite the presence of dangerously poisonous creatures. His family blames the curse on Stanley's ancestor Elya Yelnats for breaking a promise to a gypsy in years past. Stanley later sets out with his friend Hector Zeroni \"Zero\" to find a treasure that his great grandfather Stanley Yelnats I was unable to save from a famous thief named Kate Barlow.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/f6dffe53e7b9a28754ed7c406667b15813da66679a0cae78771b64e7c4536efb79ecb5d97b608c\/image\/sh36XcYTjreU6eUnKmhey_md.jpg"}