{"title":"Kung Fu Panda","dateDebut":"2008","dateEnd":null,"description":"In the Valley of Peace in Ancient China, Po is a clumsy panda who works in his dad's noodle shop. Despite this, he is a kung fu fanatic and idolizes the Furious Five, a group of elite kung fu fighters raised by rad panda Master Shifu to protect the land. One day, Shifu's master has a vision that a leopard named Tai Lung will escape from prison in search of a limitless power, and Po who finally sees his chance, volunteers to take him down.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/3516bcc8b71ee70629b7ca47e78c2490007a465077c2d15751d7c4dde4d4b0bb8b789b759ff948\/image\/jJ6Ch02QuTV4G8117MesW_md.jpg"}