{"title":"Bee Movie","dateDebut":"2007","dateEnd":null,"description":"Barry Benson B. has just graduated from college and is about to begin the same job as every bee, working at Honex Industries to ship honey out to the various bees of the world. Wanting to be a different kind of bee than everyone else, Barry decides to leave his hive, located in New York City's Central Park, to explore the human world. He meets up with a florist named Vanessa Bloom and, after a grocery trip, is shocked to find that humans are in possession of the bee's honey, and decides to take the human race to court for their centuries of using the bees' honey.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/bc24a74827a8af148494cfb0d6ba6ad1684d0996ba5c05dd3b9a66269c8e90d2875e253a38a511\/image\/A8Fqlz62CFPjqHLC3AY53_md.jpg"}