{"title":"Shrek Forever After","dateDebut":"2010","dateEnd":null,"description":"The final movie in the Mega-hit series. Shrek is growing tired of the family life and longs for the days when he was a \"true\" ogre. One day, he finds a troll named Rumplestiltskin who promises that hae can give Shrek one day to feel like a real ogre again in exchange for a day of his life he won't remember. It turns out Rumplestiltskin is a con-artist determined to take over the kingdom of Far Far Away, and he removes the day Shrek was born, and if he doesn't make a true-love's kiss by midnight, he will fade from existance!","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/60a96766445ad9874cd4d0e6bee4a04866b7dc1054d3cc7dede2bda59cf0acd70e7e4329768706\/image\/18iy3u6u6gV8vvQlUM9oy_md.jpg"}