{"title":"Just Between Friends","dateDebut":"1986","dateEnd":null,"description":"The most unlikely of friendship can strike even when they come from different lifestyles. Holly Davis seems to have it all: the styish home, two perfect kids, and a devoted husband; Sandy Dunlap is a single, wisecracking, chain-smoking TV news reporter with ambitions of being an anchorwoman. One night, at an exercise class, the women meet and instantly hit it off well. When Holly invites Sandy over for dinner and meet her family, Sandy gets the shock of the lifetime when she finds that Holly's husband, Chip is actually the man she both interviewed and has been having an affair with. Both parties, along with Chip's best friend, Harry try to keep this secret from Holly, until tragedy strikes. Soon after, when she needs Sandy the most, Holly finds out about the affair which ties them both together and leaves their friendship shaken to the core. Written and directed by Allan Burns.\n\nCast of Characters\n\nMary Tyler Moore....Holly Davis\nChristine Lahti....Sandy Dunlap\nSam Waterston....Harry Crandall\nTed Danson....Thomas 'Chip' Davis\nMark Blum....George Margolin\nTimothy Gibbs....Jeff Davis\nSusan Rinell....Kim Davis\nSalome Jens....Helga\nDiane Stilwell....Carla\nJim McKrell....Bill\nJudy Greer....Ruth Chapwick\nGeorge Wallace....Bob Chapwick\n\n\nm.","leadImageMedUrl":null}