{"title":"Village of the Damned","dateDebut":"1995","dateEnd":null,"description":"Director John Carpenter brings fear through the faces of the seemingly innocence of youth in this remake of the 1960 Wolf Rilla movie of the same name. In the small coastal village of Midwich, an unseen force invades the townspeople rendering them unconscious for over six hours which leaves ten women mysteriously pregnant. Nine months later, all the babies were born on the same night but one was stillborn. At first, they seem normal, but then people begin to notice the \"children\" are anything but with pale skin and platinum-white hair. And as they grew older, they display an eerie lack of emotion, psychic abilities, and a remarkable sense of mind-control which resulted in a number of \"accidents\" and suicides. Leading government scientist Dr. Susan Verner convinces local town doctor Dr. Alan Chaffee -- whose daughter is considered the \"leader\" -- to join him in studying them. But when the townspeople's plot to stop them goes dangerously awry, there's nothing left to do but flee. But can he along with the one boy on the outs with the others escape with his mother? So beware of the children and their glowing eyes! Also based on the novel The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/46ede8e61b13b7ae340264fd857e63b5c6eb36909bce9a62ff8702ec2d5bc5e7ccee82db93145c\/image\/cfe_2368290ddb__c480540d4e.jpg"}