{"title":"Bubba Ho-tep","dateDebut":"2002","dateEnd":null,"description":"It turns out the real Elvis Presley didn\u2019t die, during Elvis peak in the 1970\u2019s he switched places in a impersonator. While the impersonator died, the real Elvis\u2019s home is blown up destroying all documentation and a hip injury leaving him in a coma for nearly twenty years.\r\n\r\nElvis wakes up in a nursing home, now invaded by ancient Egyptian mummy leatching off the elderly people. It\u2019s up to Elvis and man named Jack (a black man who thinks he\u2019s President John F. Kennedy) to defeat the mummy. \r\n\r\nDirected by Don Coscarelli","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/d015d31a47effe633e217690781f72082ceb4d9e14a08f27bd6bd3642e0cfad45e13cde4c04e0a\/image\/521_177584dc32_89982_838f14a843.jpg"}