{"title":"Even Stevens","dateDebut":"2000","dateEnd":"2003","description":"Every family has a Louis. Every family wants a Ren. Even they can't believe they're related. This popular and critically-acclaimed family sitcom was part of Disney Channel's \"Zoog Weekendz\" lineup. It's about an upper-middle class family in Sacramento, California with the focus on the two youngest siblings; Louis, the natural comedian who's trying to find his place among the over-achievers in his family, and Ren, the seemingly perfect daughter who is regularly driven to distraction by her younger brother. This series is also perhaps best-known for launching the career of Shia LaBeouf, the star of the highly successful \"Transformers\" film series.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/01f65455dc16bd50e801bfb164edb42ab1855f2016b19875612b98c65aaa4b3a58898e5ed7c75e\/image\/50037_10ccc3d6b3.bmp"}