{"title":"The Year of Living Dangerously","dateDebut":"1983","dateEnd":null,"description":"Australian reporter Guy Hamilton (Mel Gibson) has been assigned to cover Jakarta in 1965. With the assistance of his cameraman Billy Kwan (Linda Hunt...Yes, a woman playing a man's role), he becomes an eyewitness to the rise of Indonesian dictator Sukarno. Along the way, he falls in love with British diplomat Jill Bryant (Sigourney Weaver). The country is headed for uncertain times, and Hamilton will have to make many decisions.\r\n\r\nThis movie can be seen as several things: A meditation of journalistic ethics, a portrait of relations between the East and the West, and one of the most sensual movies ever to get a PG rating. I recommend seeing this movie...It's one of the most stunning dramas of the 80s.","leadImageMedUrl":null}