{"title":"Conan the Destroyer","dateDebut":"1984","dateEnd":null,"description":"Conan is contracted by a local Queen to escort her protogee to seek mystical items for the fulfillment of a prophecy. Along the way, Conan learns of the real reason for the retrieval of the items, for the resurection of the evil god Dagoth, and vows to protect the young protogee.\r\n\r\nConan- Arnold Schwarzenegger\r\n\r\nWith Grace Jones, Wilt Chamberlin","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/ab5b1f896a97fc3dbaedb84ad3d92291a5fa10dd4528382074dd2820932e9604a5ea3f800c662e\/image\/abc_03ba7d463e__7d8a4a5ab2.jpg"}