{"title":"Aimee & Jaguar","dateDebut":"1999","dateEnd":null,"description":"Aim\u00c3\u0192\u00c2\u00a9e & Jaguar is a 1999 German drama film set during World War II. It was written and directed by Max F\u00c3\u0192\u00c2\u00a4rberb\u00c3\u0192\u00c2\u00b6ck, based upon Erica Fischer's book, chronicling the actual lives of Lilly Wust and Felice Schragenheim during that time period. The book also contains photos of the many letters shared between the two, and official correspondences post WWII with regards to Felice's whereabouts. It stars Maria Schrader, Juliane K\u00c3\u0192\u00c2\u00b6hler, Johanna Wokalek, Elisabeth Degen, Heike Makatsch, Detlev Buck.\r\n\r\n","leadImageMedUrl":null}