{"title":"Dexter's Laboratory Ego Trip","dateDebut":"1999","dateEnd":null,"description":"In this 1999 TV special, based on Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter, having chasing Mandark in his cape out of his lab, while Mandark was try to steal the all-powerful Neurotomic Protocore, was attacked by a group of robots seeking to eliminate The One who Saved the Future, yet he defeated them all. Dexter was fascinated with being the One who saved the future and so, jumps into his time machine to find out.\r\n\r\nOn the first time period, He met Teenage Dexter, working for Mandark, who is his rich, successful boss. (My favorite scene from this time period involves two animated girl characters scrubbing Mandark's feet, which I was obsessed with.) Teenage Dexter and the Present Day Dexter left the first time period he visited, just as Mandark snagged the Neurotomic Protocore. \r\n\r\nOn the second time period, Both Dexters has a close encounter with Mandark's brain. (If you watch the movie, when Both Dexters can hear the Brain Mandark screaming, Teenage Dexters screams like a girl, but in a YouTube video, I replaced this girlish scream of Teenage Dexter with a legendary sound effect from 1951 called the Wilhelm Scream, which was used from films like Distant Drums, Them!, and the original Star Wars to films like the Lord of the Rings and the 2005 remake of King Kong, if you watched my YouTube video, Teenage Dexter Screams The Wilhelm Scream, closely.) Both Dexters were spotted by a museum curator who took him to Old Man Dexter, who join the two Dexters.\r\n\r\nIn the third and final time period Dexter visited, the whole world was turned broken and stupid by Mandark, aka, Fat Man, in the third time period who forbids science and knowledge except for his own. The three Dexters stumbled upon a buncha village idiots and then Action Hero Dexter who agreed to join the 3 Dexters. \r\n\r\nTogether, they build a robot to break in to Mandark's castle, where Fat Man Mandark summons his 3 selves from 3 time periods (including that Mandark in his cape!!!) to fight the 4 Dexters, but in the end, Dee Dee won by pressing the button on Mandark's machine.\r\n\r\nThe Dexters goes up in smoke, so did the Mandarks. The enraged Dexters build these group of robots which we saw in the beginning and send them to Dexter's original time period to supress her, setting the entire events in motion, which Dexter ignores and decided to eat lunch in the end.\r\n\r\nDexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip, being an hour-long TV movie, aired on December 10, 1999 as part Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre, and was released on VHS by Warner Home Video on November 7, 2000, but was forgotten after the Dexter's Lab show was finally cancelled in 2003.\r\n\r\nNevertheless, Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip is an cult animated TV classic ahead of its time, so did the animation, characters, story, music, etc. Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip is one of Cartoon Network's crowning achievements. Ego Trip, the Dexter's Laboratory movie, is definitively, one of Genndy Tartakovsky's timeless classics, and still the one who saved the future. \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":null}