{"title":"Beneath the Planet of the Apes","dateDebut":"1970","dateEnd":null,"description":"A new Astronaut named Brent arrives on the planet looking for Taylor.Brent soon meets Nova,and after A brief encounter with Cornelius and Zera, Brent and Nova are on A quest to find Taylor,who disappeared rather oddly,at the film's beginning.The 2 discover an underground city,with highly intelligent humans,who look like mutants.The 2 soon find themselves in the crossfire of A war between The Mutants and The Apes,complete with A fully functional Doomsday Bomb.Can anyone Survive,As we are taken \"Beneath The Planet Of The Apes\".Starring Charlton Heston as Taylor,James Franciscus as Brent,Linda Harrison as Nova,and Kim Hunter as Zera.","leadImageMedUrl":"http:\/\/distro-1.retrojunk.com\/secure\/4431ce6741fddc29280e8e9d9c01e92336b884aeab21741bf5b1cca4abc73af36ef5da\/image\/6de_118b94b981__bd78bd3903.jpg"}