{"title":"Frog Dreaming","dateDebut":"1986","dateEnd":null,"description":"Young American Cody (Henry Thomas, E.T.) finds himself relocated to Australia with relatives after the death of his parents. He soon comes to hear stories about a Loch Ness monster called the donkegin that lives in an old flooded quarry. His curiousity gets the better of him, and he decides to investigate and learn the truth about the monster in the water.\r\n\r\nReleased under the title \"The Quest\" in the USA, \"The Go-Kids\" in Europe, and \"Frog Dreaming\" in Australia, the film seems to have made an impression on all of those who've seen it. Under it's European title, the advertisers played up the then-recent success of \"The Goonies\" and released it with very similar artwork -- though the films are nothing alike. The film was released on video around the world but has yet to have an official release anywhere on DVD.","leadImageMedUrl":null}