{"title":"Astonished","dateDebut":"1988","dateEnd":null,"description":"Plot Summary for \r\nAstonished (1988) \r\nA European woman living in Greenwich Village sees her life starting to come apart. She's broke, seems to be hallucinating and seeing people she dreams about appear in her real life, and on top of that finds herself accused of a pair of murders.\r\n\r\nCast (in credits order)complete, awaiting verification \r\n Liliana Komorowska .... Sonia\/Lucille \r\n Tommy Hollis .... Ivan\/Fyodor \r\n Robert E. Thompson .... Doc Wop Group (Doo Wop Group?) \r\n Melvin Shepherd .... Doc Wop Group (Doo Wop Group?) \r\n Paul Zeuss Snuggs .... Doc Wop Group (Doo Wop Group?) \r\n Moe Holmes .... Doc Wop Group (Doo Wop Group?) \r\n Charles S. Dutton .... White (as Charles Dutton) \r\n William Foeller .... Zeke \r\n Reg E. Cathey .... Wayne \r\n Marissa Chibas .... Lily \r\n Jennifer Harmon .... Sonia's Mother \r\n Frederick Neumann .... Judge \r\n Elizabeth May .... Mrs. Beazley \r\n Honora Neumann .... Mrs. Stewart \r\n John Gould Rubin .... Lowell \r\n Keith Hamilton Cobb .... Simon \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":null}