{"title":"Animalympics","dateDebut":"1980","dateEnd":null,"description":"It's the ABC Wide World of Sports meeting Animal Planet! This spoof of the 20th century Olympic Games and the media's involvement consisted a cast of characters that spanned the entire animal kingdom. Not just \"up close & personal coverage\" of the athletes and events themselves, some of the athletes had their own stories, as well as some rump-kicking music. Unfortunately, this was not the blockbuster that director Steven Lisberger was hoping to break him into contemporary American film.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/ceb4e0e9e0b01ba436f3b7b3d76ae5c4a98eea31dec801f1f1640ba75c512e74f5722e52cbec84\/image\/b1f_c080bf18a9__ef56dd28c0.jpg"}