{"title":"Castle in the Sky","dateDebut":"1989","dateEnd":null,"description":"Pazu, a young engineer, rescues a girl that floats down from the sky with a mysterious glowing pendant. A great adventure ensues as the boy and his new friend, Sheeta, embark on a quest to find the legendary Laputa, the Castle in the Sky, and the secret of the girl's necklace. On the way, they join up with a band of rambunctious, friendly pirates in their attempt to escape the greedy army and the secret service, led by the evil Musca.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/dccd84342b3c443e207f290ffca491743b1d645d6df2e5beb7e3b9b73c5470b7a2d95d01c16414\/image\/a13_820f797041__6a83281271.jpg"}