{"title":"Cyborg Cop","dateDebut":"1993","dateEnd":null,"description":"Burly British actor John Rhys-Davies forsakes the good-guy motions he'd gone through in Raiders of the Lost Ark and TV's The Untouchables to play the villain in 1993's Cyborg Cop. If you've guessed that this is Robocop redux, you're on the money. The title character has been converted from man to machine on a remote Caribbean island. Unfortunately, Cyborg Cop is as evil as his mentor (Rhys-Davies), so it's up to the mechanical man's DEA-agent brother to straighten him out. Lovely scenery, some exciting scenes, lots of grade-A ham from the redoubtable Rhys-Davies. \u00c3\u201a\u00e2\u20ac\u201d Hal Erickson \r\n \r\nDavid Bradley - Jack \r\nJohn Rhys-Davies - Kessel \r\nAlonna Shaw - Cathy \r\nFrank Notaro - Crazy Man \r\nRobert Whitehead - Dr. Stechman \r\nRobert Reynolds - Johnson \r\nDick Reineke - Businessman 2 \r\nRamolao Makhene - Workman \r\nShalom Kenan - Steve \r\nTodd Jensen - Phillip \r\nAnthony Fridjhon - Hogan \r\nGraham Weir - Local 1 Jive \r\nRufus Swart - Cyborg \r\nBilly Mashigo - Young Cop \r\nRon Smerczak - Callan \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":null}