{"title":"Swordsman II","dateDebut":"1992","dateEnd":null,"description":"In this second of three \"Swordsman\" martial arts thrillers, the swordsman Ling Jet Li is traveling with his sister to a religious retreat when they are informed that the leader of the sect has been captured by a mysterious being known simply as \"Fong the Invincible,\" a man who has been transformed into a nearly immortal woman through the agency of a sacred scroll. At the same time, the Japanese are once again threatening to take over the Chinese mainland, and this dire fate can only be thwarted by a heroic few.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/d070e59e7e76a91aff18c7a65cdd003d39cf43209a8014a7e6acfbb9389946b38b981b0cb939c9\/image\/541_c2a58db8b4__cb99590f7c.jpg"}