{"title":"Nirvana","dateDebut":"1997","dateEnd":null,"description":"A computer virus endows Solo, the hero of a virtual reality game, with human consciousness thereby creating all kinds of headaches for his creator Jimi. The trouble begins in the futuristic metropolis of Northern Agglomerate three days before Christmas. With little time left, video-game designer Jimi has no choice but to give his newest game, Nirvana, to his powerful bosses. Unfortunately, the virus strikes just before the deadline. At first Solo doesn't know he is a graphic image, but when he finds out, he fervently pleads with Jimi to destroy him so that he will not have to live the same sequence of events over and over for eternity. Jimi, vulnerable after the mysterious and sudden disappearance of his lover Lisa, agrees to honor Solo's wishes, but is unable to simply erase the program because every move within the company where he works is closely monitored. He therefore enlists the aid of two Arab hackers, Joystick, an expert at sabotaging databases, and Naima, a man with the skills to destroy Solo. With the company's henchmen hot on their heels, the threesome set off on a colorful journey through real and virtual worlds to destroy Solo before it is too late.","leadImageMedUrl":null}