{"title":"Fast Times at Ridgemont High","dateDebut":"1982","dateEnd":null,"description":"On the surface this film is what it is, a classic story of the teenagers quest for sex and parties. But what might surprise you is the ways in which this film takes it's shares of serious terms. A girl must face the trials of pregnancy andf abortion, a young man realizes that his long time friend is in fact a loser who shirks responsibilities, especially fatherhood. Like many films, this is a fun coming of age tale with dramatic results. Oh yeah, and then there is Phoebe Cates topless.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/media.retrojunk.com\/file\/6ee44923ca2a50c510c2c104d7143461a75d5fbe397a873fdf7bc7bf54b999326a2e5e9e3a6edf\/image\/6b6_95e81a0bb2__9306b519cd.jpg"}