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    Hey everyone...

    Just browsing through here I'm impressed there are so many talented artists on RJ. I've written a handful of articles on RJ now and it's great, but I find the worst parts is having to come up with my own images. I mean, I'm bad enough as a writer...and I'm tired of pirating off google image search.

    Well...I'm not sure if this has been done before or not, but here's what I'm thinking. If any artists would be willing to collaborate with me on an article - perhaps "illustrate" a topic I cover, or maybe a topic they'd like explored? Or maybe someone has some art that would work for an article I'm already writing? If any art people are game, drop me a pm!
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      Well actually I'll probably do it just for the practice (and for making any kind of fanart of retro stuff). So I'd probably be Game for it.
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