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    First - has the maximum length for an article's title been shortened recently? I have finally followed up my "The Five Games You Play In Heaven" article, but for some reason, even though the word "Hell" is shorter than "Heaven", I still had to replace "Five" with "5" to get under the word limit...?

    Second - has anyone else had a problem in formatting quotation marks and apostrophes? I find that no matter how I type out my articles (be it originating from MS Word or Notepad) I still wind up with:

    " " ' being shown as “ ” ’

    Which isn't so bad in itself, but then when I do 2nd and 3rd drafts between the website and wordprocessors...it's a pain in the neck to keep them all standard. I know this might sound really anal...but I'm kinda nuts. I'd say I was a perfectionist...but I don't think I'm good enough lol.
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