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    Has anyone ever watched any of these or Aeon Flux? Just wondering because i like them?
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      I watched Aeon Flux and The Head and The Maxx. My friend and I were talking about that last night actually. My friend Omar saw an Aeon Flux VHS on Tim's shelf... you don't know Omar and Tim but that's no matter... it brought back some good memories. I forgot but they are making a movie with Charlize Theron, hopefully it'll be worth it. I remember the intro to Aeon Flux and I swear they showed 2 dark squigglies representing stray pubes but I might be mistaken. Good good show though!

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        When I saw the topic title I thought they might have started to play music videos again
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          I loved Austin Stories, The Head, and Oddville (especially the little guy who never talked and sat on the couch, what was his name?)
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            Yeah I would get so upset at MTV back then because it seemed that they would always show the same Aeon Flux too me . The Maxx was cool sometimes too
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              Uh, "Aeon Flux" wasn't part of MTV's Oddities. It began on "Liquid Television" and spawned a series of its own. Personally, I was never a fan. I was, however, a fan of "Oddities," which ran "The Head" and "The Maxx." Wish they'd release uncut versions of the latter two on DVD -- "Maxx" and the first season of "Head" both made it to video, but they were edited.
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                The Maxx ruled. I also read the comic.
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