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    It's Friday night and the mode is right goin have some fun show you how it's done Tgif . How many remember that phrase from watch TGIF on ABC. Tgif started in 1988 which consist of four show with Full House , followed by Family Matters and ending with Perfect Strangers ( I can't remember the middle show ) . Every Friday night @ 8pm my brother and I were glue to the tv . In 92 Tgif changed but it didn't stop nobody from changing the tv . Full house was moved to Tuesday and wtih Perfect Strangers coming to a end in 93 TGIF look like it was in trouble but I thought wrong. Family Matters was the only remain show from the oringal Tgif and new shows were add Step by Step , Dinosaurs , Hangin out with Mr.Cooper and some show about a baby talking kind of like those Look who's talking movies. But then in 94 a show was brought to my attention some show about a boy with curling black hair I said to myself he kind of looks like Fred Savage . What a show that would turn out to be ( Boy meets world) . TGIF was back even though Step by Step & Dinosaurs would be canned TGIF had Family Matters and Boy meets World . Those shows were you had a nerd who lived right next door in one show and a complete goof-ball who was your brother in the other. Those shows taught us a lot about what kids really go throught growning up and how to handle it . And when the shows went off ABC had another catchy tune which said We'll see you next week . The faster 2hrs ever I tell you but it was the most enjoyable 2hrs on a Friday .
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      I remember it a little of it Tgif
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