Thread: Worst TV characters

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    mark from home improvement is a lame ass character. and mona from that show with tony danza
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      Howard the Duck.. its a duck that comes from 'duck planet' and smokes cigars. now thats just sick (+creepy)
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        You know, I can't think of any right off. Most of the characters you all have named, I either like 'em, don't mind them, have nothing against them, never seen the show, or never watched enough of the show to give a fair opinion on the characters within it.

        I guess Tuxedo Kamen from Sailor Moon as well as Chibi-Usa. Both their characters, show wise, I didn't care for at all, but I like them fine for the manga. I'll add Rei (Mars) to this as well. I don't hate her character, I just prefer her serious persona found in the manga as opposed to the anime where she's less serious and more "teenager-ish".
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          I just dont like astroboy. Hes stupid.
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            No one as mentioned her yet so I will....

            Kimi Gibbler from Full House. Am I the only one that wants to shove her boney ass in a mailbox and mail her to Syberia?
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              Pretty much everybody on Sabrina The Teenage Witch. (yes Sabrina's aunts, her friends, that stupid cat... they should of just left it Melissa Joan Hart).
              The Tool Time staff (Home Improvement was a bad show too, can I just add that?)
              probably everybody on Full House except DJ and Uncle Jesse.
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                On Boy meets world, Minkus.
                On the Animanicas, the good feathers.
                On Pokemon,all of them original series.
                And a whole buncha others I can't remember.
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                  Worst TV characters:

                  1) All of the characters on "American Dad"- Yes, I know someone else posted a similar opinion on this, but I agree with him/her

                  2) All of the cast on "Friends" - They are all very annoying and stupid (and when I say stupid, I don't mean the funny kind of stupid like Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin)

                  3) All of the characters on "Codename: Kids Next Door" - They're all just a bunch of dumb little kids who think that they're all badass like James Bond when in reality, they'd all be dead by now!

                  4) Sarah from "Ed, Edd n Eddy" - She's nothing but a rude, whiny little b*tch!

                  5) Baby Dil from "Rugrats" - Ever since the first movie, he REALLY ruined the show! I know some claim that it was Kimi, but I consider Dil to be A LOT more annoying! Plus, for a baby, he's so f**ken ugly!

                  6) Gwen Kahn from "Outlaw Star" - He's an annoying old fart who turns out to be one of the bad guys. If I'd been Gene, I would've gone JFK on his ass from the start!

                  7) All characters on "Poke'mon" - They all just suck... (Can the creators PLEASE just let the Poke'crap die already? It's really old now!)

                  8 ) Sora and Mimi from "Digimon" (Season One) - Sora was just a whiny little drama queen and Mimi was a stuck up little rich b*tch!

                  9) Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons" - Because he's a self centered rich old fart who everyone hates!

                  10) Miss Piggy from "The Muppets" - The most annoying and stuck up muppet of them all! If I were Kermit, I'd dump her fatass and then make sure that she'd be taken to the slaughterhouse so we can all have some juicy, crisp bacon for breakfast!

                  11) Kyle's mom from "South Park" - Just like Cartman says, "She's a big fat b*tch!"

                  12) Jerry the mouse from "Tom and Jerry" - I've always hated him! I wish Tom would just eat the little bastard and be done with it for good!

                  13) Emperor Pilaf from "Dragon Ball" - He's just a stupid little midget! I always wanted to see Goku blast a kamehameha into his head!

                  14) Blossum, Bubbles, and Buttercup from "The Powerpuff Girls" - Blossum is the stuck up, slutty one, Bubbles is the whiny and annoying one, and Buttercup is the b*tchiest of the three! Need I say more?

                  15) The Road Runner from "Looney Tunes" - I also hate him! I'd watch every episode always hoping that Wile E. Coyote would just kill the stupid bird already!

                  That's pretty much my list!
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                    Anybody associated with Doogie Howser!

                    Anybody associated with Full House

                    Anybody associated with Family Matters

                    Anybody associated with Growing Pains, esp. Boner!
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