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    I don't know if this is of any interest to some but I found a pretty detailed list of some certain retro Mcdonalds toys.

    I never knew that Kissyfur was popular enough to be a McDonalds toy

    There's probably more on this site but this is the page I came across. Kinda cool I thought.

    any other Micky D's toy archives can go here as well. How many can you find?
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      ooo! I have some of the Happy train ones!
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        McDonald's rocks at giving out toys. They always had toys for the grils and the boys.
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          They used to give out great toys with their Happy Meals, anyone remember the Beetlejuice toy? That thing was an actual action figure! I want to slap my parents for throwing away a box of around 500 McD toys, the toys today are okay but not as great as they used to be.
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            Back To The Future 1992
            Marty's Hoverboard

            Oh my god, that's what it is? We have this!

            Berenstain Bears 1987
            Papa, with wheelbarrow

            This too. He's kinda fuzzy, FYI

            Fraggle Rock 1988
            Red in Radish Car
            Gobo in Carrot Car
            Wembly & Boober in Cucumber Car
            Mokey in Eggplant Car

            At one time, we had all of these

            Happy Birthday Train 1994
            Berenstein Bears
            101 Dalmatians

            I think we still have the former, the latter either my grandparents had or we lost.

            Inspector Gadget McDonald's 1996

            Yeah, we got the whole thing.
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              used to have a whole box of Maccas fast food toys lol

              think the yanks get diff toys.....
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                i had about 3 mini barbie dolls on pedestals. and phil and lil from "rugrats" on a trike that you pushed back and rode around. i had a few color-changing hot wheels cars for my dad and a gizmo-arm from when the "inspector gadget" movie came out.
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                  I remember the birthday thing those were cool but you had at least two to hook together I had a lot of the 101 Dalmations I think like three... and one Hot Wheels... those were cool.
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                    i think i have some inspector gadget ones and some back to the future ones too. somewhere...
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