Thread: your top 10 80s teen movies

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    Ferris Buellers Day Off, great movie : )
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      I don't have a "top 10" list, and I wasn't a teen in the 80s nor did I watch many movies in the 80s that were rated over probably PG or was either animated, but there are some I did like that I saw when older (90s).

      Ferris Bueller's Day Off

      Sixteen Candles

      The Goonies

      The Witches

      Honey I Shrunk the Kids

      Little Monsters (That movie with Fred Savage and the monsters kidnapped his little bro, who was being played, ironically, but his real-life bro, Ben Savage)

      A Christmas Story (It's a tradition of mine to watch this every year, at least twice)

      Howard the Duck (I loved it then , but realize how wrong it is now, and personally can't stand it now. ^^)

      Who Framed Roger Rabbit (I did see this in the 80s...and I liked it, but didn't really get the jokes. I think I only liked it cause there were cartoon characters. I took a look at it recently last year...and I'm trying to figure out why I liked it as much as I did. It was an awful movie, and the jokes were way too crude.)

      I know you're wondering why I bothered mentioning Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Howard the Duck. Well, I really did love these two movies, as a kid, and both were from the 80s, and I did see them in the 80s so I feel that they qualify (and I am trying to get to 10 movies here lol)
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        My Fav movies from the 80's in no particular order:
        The Christmas Story
        National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
        Stand By Me
        The Burbs
        Gimme an F
        The Shining
        Ferris Buller's Day Off
        Fast Times At Ridgemont High
        Revenge of the Nerds
        Secret of my Success
        Bachelor Party
        Friday the 13th
        Nightmare on Elm Street
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          Pete's Dragon
          The Sword in the Stone
          the fox and hound
          Milo and Otis
          Robin Hood (cartoon version)
          Tom and Jerry the movie
          lady and the tramp
          101 dalmations
          Homeward Bound
          The Sandlot
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            Quote by Dako
            Tom and Jerry the movie
            The Sandlot
            I'm pretty sure these two movie are from the 90s.
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              But Tom and Jerry TALKED in the movie. Heresy!
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                Quote by mygwcjr

                There was also a movie with Tom Cruise in it that had unicorns and a wicked looking evil guy. I can't remember the name of it though.

                That movie was called Legend. And that evil looking guy was Tim Curry
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                  That silly idiot girl touched the unicorn horn and cast the world into darkness. But tim curry looked cool as a demon
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                    Tim Curry is the most awesome underrated actor ever!
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                      i thought he was funny in the film cluedo
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                        He's awesome in everything he has every been in!
                        He should be in every single movie ever made!
                        After he dies they should digitally insert him into at least 1 scene of every future movie!
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                          lol i would not go that far but he is a underated actor.
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                            Quote by chaoszerg
                            But tim curry looked cool as a demon...

                            ...making that film watchable.
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                              Top Ten 80's movies

                              Back to the Future Trilogy
                              Star Wars Trilogy
                              Neverending Story
                              They Live
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                                break it down to ten fav's hmmm... here are my all time fav's not nessicarily 80's i was always into old movies
                                the little mermaind:o)
                                the labryith
                                bye bye birdie
                                Beach blanket bingo/muscel beach party
                                dirty dancing
                                meet me in st. louis
                                harvey girls
                                breakfest club
                                breakfest at tiffanys
                                bill and ted
                                The burbs(tom hanks)
                                chasing amy
                                mall rats ( farily new jay and silent bob strik back
                                cruly Q
                                oklahoma bettle jucie
                                girls just want to have fun
                                CRY BABy bitchin movie.
                                monster squad
                                flight of the navigator
                                raido flyer(sad)
                                never ending story
                                shirly temple movies
                                ANNIE we cant forget annie
                                parent trap the original
                                dont tell mom the babysitters dead
                                teen witch
                                little monsters
                                short circuit
                                babes in toy land
                                cool world
                                heavy metal
                                Bed Knobs and Broom sticks
                                Puff the magic dragon edit thats pete's dragon
                                highschool high
                                house party
                                home alone
                                the god father
                                a fish called wanda
                                city slikers
                                what about bob
                                uncel barney
                                freaky friday original
                                and this one movie where these kids try to buy a new mom
                                ect ect
                                ok im done now, i could say a grip more but iv gone way over ten
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                                  Quote by chaoszerg
                                  That silly idiot girl touched the unicorn horn and cast the world into darkness. But tim curry looked cool as a demon

                                  that movies great, just got it on dvd recently its one of my favorites along with the last unicorn and the labyrith. i love unicorns they are my favorite animal.
                                  when i was in 3rd grade we had to do a project about our fav. animals and i chose to do mine on unicorns. my teacher tried to tell me they were make believe and iwould have to pick another "real" animal.
                                  I refused ! i even went so far as to bring in pictures of a site unearthed in indoniesa that incedently house a horse with a horn. now tell me they dont exsist! ha i showed her and then she showed me a C when i should have gotten an A it was the best danm paper in the class! that biotch hated me because i was smarter than her. twas true my mom had to switch me to another teacher after a month in miss heartmans, or as i liked to call her hardasses class. and wala my grades magicly went from c's to a's.
                                  im sorry im ranting im bitter, you should never try to stifle a childs imagination.
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                                    *backs away slowly*


                                    i am interested in the mothman not the movie the real life thing
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                                      Any John Huges movie, to me, just incapsulates the 80's teen age angst. I mean, who cant relate to one of his characters?
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                                        I pretty much loved all those movies plus the turtles movies and Fletch and so many others, for me it's pointless to make a list because of the huge amount of loved movies but my most favorite R the ghostbusters, the turtles and BIG.
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                                          im new and LOVE this site...
                                          movies i rented everytime my parents went out on friday and saturday?
                                          the black stallion
                                          the black stallion returns
                                          the last starfighter
                                          flight of the navigator
                                          the goonies
                                          return to oz (man that scene where she walks into the head closet... doroTHY GALE!!! farkin freaked me out)
                                          and this one about a lil blond kid (the one from a christmas story?) who has a dirtbike that is sort of alive and he has to save his favorite hot dog joint from bein torn down by the evil real estate guy. dont remember the name
                                          and mr mom!
                                          ACK! i forgot the adventures of pippy longstocking! (pippy longstocking is coming into your home... than my dad used to sing "im so excited i can hardly keep my breakfast down")
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