Thread: your top 10 80s teen movies

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    Just the top ten huh? Well here's mine in no particular order.

    The Breakfast Club A true classic that featured every guys dream girl Molly Ringwald in the under the table scene with Judd Nelson

    Ferris Buellers Day Off Still one of my faves.

    Wierd Science The blues club scene.

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High Spicoli was a hero of mine!

    Better Off Dead One of John Cusack's better films.

    One Crazy Summer Bobcat and Booger in the same flick!

    Revenge Of The Nerds Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!

    Wargames Not really a "teen" movie, but a fave just the same.

    Zapped Wish I could find this one on DVD..still makes me laugh!

    Porkys No 80s list is complete without it! The 1st R rated flick I was ever allowed to watch!

    Pretty in Pink Ok so this is 11...cant help it..I was in love With Molly Ringwald!
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      How about Real Genius? I think every kid in the world wanted a house full of popcorn after that film
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        Here's a few that are pretty cool

        16 candles (a modern classic)

        Dream machine (who wouldn't want that girl and that car)

        The heavenly kid (original and clever)

        Dazed and confused (the guy from slime time live got his ass beat)
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          Tennage witch i think I do remember was kind of like Sabrina or something, The Care Bears movie I think there was two of them, I always watched the one with those summer camp kids and that dark-heart kid who could transform into pretty much anything he wanted to.
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            hey, don't forget Midnight Madness, with Michael J Fox, and Eddie Deezen!!!
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              I just happen to love star wars so both ewok adventures and all the star wars original three. Along with the three ALIEN's, three back to the futures, and three indian jones'
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                You're here because you.......want, something....

                Anyway, in no particular order because it would be too hard to decide, here they are:

                1. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
                2. Willow
                3. The Goonies
                4. The Chipmunk Adventure
                5. Labyrinth
                6. Garbage Pail Kids
                7. Return to Oz
                8. Big Trouble in Little China
                9. Little Monsters
                10. Big
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                  Karate Kid - of course
                  Airplane - Arguably the funniest movie ever made
                  Big Trouble in Little China - Kurt Russel's Best movie
                  Blood Sport - Van Damme's only movie that he remade over and over again with a new title.
                  Breakin - I crack up watching it today. Ozone is gay.
                  Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Pheobe Kates.....drooooooool
                  Ghostbusters - a pure classic
                  Golden Child - " I I I I Want the knifeeeeeee pleassssssssse"
                  Goonies - Corey Feldman and Samwise Gamgees break out roles.
                  Labyrinth - I call my roomates room the bog of eternal stench.
                  The Last Dragon - Whos the master I AM.
                  The Monster Squad - it was just a cool scary movie back then.
                  Princess Bride - another classic R.I.P. Andre
                  Return to Oz - I just remeber that I used to watch this alot and got shocked when out of the blue the girl who plays Dorthy stars in the craft and Waterboy.
                  SpaceBlalls, Great way to end my list. With the Schwatz ( if that is how you spell it).
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                    The best has to be The Breakfast Club....who wouldnt want to be stuck in a school without having to go to a class. And being unsupervised, thats everyones dream in high school. To do what you want.
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                      My list would be:

                      1. Weird Science: I mean, come on! Who hasn't seen it?!

                      2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Dancing, romance, more dancing! Great movie for a girls night in!

                      3. Dirty Dancing: Great movie, great soundtrack and Patrick Swayze

                      4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Pretty good movie, I guess. Gotten kind of sick of seeing on TV though.

                      5. The Breakfast Club: Good movie. Nice to see so many famous people before they were famous.

                      6. Pretty in Pink: Love Andrew McCarthy in this movie!

                      7. Chances Are: Late 80's movie, but still the 80's. Great movie with a beautiful song at the end (After All by Cher and Peter Cetera)

                      8. Gremlins: Funny movie, cool little monsters. I love the Mogwai (not sure about spelling) he was soooo cute!

                      9. Uncle Buck: Love John Candy in this movie, very funny movie and you get to see Macaulay Culkin when he was little and Gaby Hoffman, too!

                      10. The Last American Virgin: Good movie, sad ending. Diane Franklin is in it, and she is very pretty. Nice soundtrack too.
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                        A few of my favorites...

                        The Goonies -- Just about everyone is fond of this.
                        The Karate Kid -- I remember them showing it to us in the school library once.
                        The Never-ending Story -- Also saw it in school. Man, we loved it.
                        Michael Jackson's Moonwalker -- Good music; entertaining tales.
                        Gremlins -- Me and my mom have sometimes watched it on Christmas over the years.
                        Willow -- Almost forgot, but fortunately it's been mentioned here.
                        Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown -- Came out earlier, but I wasn't alive then
                        A Christmas Story -- My favorite movie. Period.

                        Not in theaters and not really a movie but...
                        V: The Final Battle -- The awesome, definitive conclusion (what ongoing series?)
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                          (in no particular order)

                          - pee wee's big adventure
                          - pet sematary
                          - can't buy me love
                          - who framed roger rabbit
                          - stand buy me
                          - batman
                          - splash
                          - bachelor party
                          - big
                          - all dogs go to heavan
                          - alvin and the chipmunks movie
                          - scarface
                          - fast times at ridgemont high
                          - a fish called wanda
                          - the lost boys
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                            Gotta reiterate, love these flicks:

                            The Last Unicorn
                            Better off Dead
                            The Genius (great flick, with Val Kilmer)
                            16 Candles
                            The Breakfast Club
                            ALHTOUGH EARLY 90's --- Ninja Turtles
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                              Oh yeah, and i fogot THE SURE THING, Cusack at his best.....
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                                I think Back to the Future is a pretty good one. It's my favorite anyway.

                                I also like the Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day off, Pretty in Pink, and Dirty Dancing.
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                                  i gotta admit, i didn't watch much 80s fare during that time period. i watched tons of classics. however, the one movie that i did like that WAS made in the 80s was PLATOON.

                                  i was fucking depressed for weeks after watching it.
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                                      ignore the troll.
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                                        i never had a top 10 but i liked Monster squad and still do.

                                        Lol i think i will watch it now
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                                          The only teen movie I can think of that hasn't been mentioned is the original Poison Ivy starring Michael J Fox and Nancey McKean.

                                          I wouldn't say these are exactly "teen" movies, but they are close enough

                                          The Gate
                                          The Sandlot
                                          The Jhonny Depp movie where him and his two friends were bellboys at a hotel resort.
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