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    • 12 years 23 days ago
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    Alright, I hope this is worth putting here in the forum.

    I was the guy who wrote the top 10 reasons the '90s rocked. Now, I'm writing about my experiences as a 4-5 year old boy in 1994-1995. Think I should continue writing it?
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      • 12 years 23 days ago
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      You know what I'd advise:

      You write about that mall you grew up with (that you mentioned in past articles) and somehow tie it all together with all the cool malls of the 90's or something.

      Its best to write about something your passionate about and that certainly fits the bill with you.

      Good luck, Man!
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        • 12 years 17 days ago
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        Yes, I totally agree with Reaper. Write about what works for you. I think your article takes a broader look at the time in question and that's just as valuable as those articles that deal with specifics.
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          • 12 years 17 days ago
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          Okay maybe this isn't the place for it, But I think we might need a mod for the writer's section in terms of editing, content, and what goes through or not. If you decide to through with it, You should choose Mr. Knites above me.

          He's written like 8 eight articles, All of them are very well done, well-researched and in-depth. And he's one of the few writers on here reguarly contributing articles here on a consistent basis. Just a thought.
            • 12 years 15 days ago
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            Actually, all the mods have access to submitted articles and can edit/approve/reject them. Its just something we haven't done alot lately.
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