Thread: a key 90's commercial

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    It actually came to me in a dream oddly enough; does anybody remember the commercials for the candy bits called "tastations"? I believe they were developed by Hershey. They've been discontinued but the commercial was priceless. It was like a barbershop quartet of candy pieces singing about how delicious they were... somebody has to have seen this commercial.
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      "We're the tastations..........."
        • 11 years 17 days ago
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        I knew someone out there had to have seen it

        "oh so creamy, oh so sweet"

        I can't find a single trace of the commercials existance
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          • 11 years 15 days ago
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          Yup, I remember them. Don't have any copies of 'em though
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            Oi. I might be able to find it, I taped a ton of Darking Duck off WB in the mid-late 90s so I may have it somewhere. If I run across it, I'll definately share.
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              Excellent; I look forward to it
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