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    I decided to add a thread where I can post some old fanart sketches too that I did a while ago (some almost a decade ago). Some of them have nostalgic value (at least for me anyway )

    I used visual references for a lot of these so their poses didn't exactly come direct from my imagination, but more of trying to draw what I saw.

    Piccolo... Because he's cool.

    Trunks... Because he's even cooler. ^^

    Yes, when it first came out I got addicted to Pokemon for a short while (about 8 months). Right up until the show got really monotonous, then they started adding all these new and more "legendary" than the last Pokemon and I lost interest.

    Not too retro, but I really liked Lilo and Stitch. It gave me hope that Disney was going to come out of the slump it was in.

    And one of my favorite RPG's, Breath of Fire III. I really liked this game and kinda adapted a lot of the styles of their characters into some of my drawings early on, but I think it's over powered now by new influences. But still this is one of my favorite sketches to this day.

    Anyway, I like strolling down this memory lane, but I must be off.

    Enjoy. ^^
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      Oooo,I like stitch!
      You're an artist!
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        these are really good, regardless if the poses werent ur creation. u have some serious talent
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          gnarly pics man
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            mmmm dragon... ^w^
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              Thanks for the comments everyone =)

              I'll have to put some more up later
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