Thread: Luigi has a daughter!

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    If any of you played the old Donkey Kong and the Saturday Supercade show? Well it says that Pauline was Mario's niece!
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      which would imply that luligi had a life that didnt involve mario, but siunce we all no thats not possible, we would be led to believe that there is a possible 3rd mario since wario and waluigi are 2 very random look-a-likes in the mario universe, id say its one of those, my guess, wario

      wario makes his apperiance in mario2 and the six golden 2nd fav mario game....this came out when gameboy still took 4 batteries, and had no color....thus making your refrence old enuff to involve the theroy of wario being the 3rd mario bro.
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        u do relise the villans wrote those instruction booklets...when u buy the game, u havent beaten it yet, so villians are still in control...they write books on how to play inside their world to kill u, on their own terms

        wario was abandoned as a cxhild by his weird parents...who name children strangely...Mario Mario, Luligi Mario, and Wario Mario

        clearly back in Brooklyn it was the fad to name there first child after their last name.
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          It' not Luigi, thier could be a possible brother or sister!!!
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            Pauline was mario girlfriend in the game the change it to niece in the cartoon for some reason
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              Quote by izumi
              Pauline was mario girlfriend in the game the change it to niece in the cartoon for some reason

              On the Saturday Supercade's Donkey Kong shorts, Pauline was Mario's niece instead of his girlfriend. (To modern fans, this would cause some confusion, as it would indicate that Pauline would be Luigi's daughter, or the daughter of an unknown sibling of Mario.) Her voice was provided by Judy Strangis.


              the is some little known lore behind the romances and lives of the mario brothers. although most of it is theoretical and unconfirmed, it is usually agreed in the gaming world that this is the correct information. But, since it is VERY obscure, i search high and low and read up (and being a mario fan doesnt hurt a bit )

              Pauline is, in fact, luigi's daughter.
              The whole idea of her being mario's girlfriend is not entirely correct. She does, hoever, have a secret crush on her heroic uncle and rewards him with a kiss when she is rescued.
              Pauline is the daughter of Luigi and Princess Daisy. Daisy, being a distant cousin of Princess Peach, was captured a long time ago. In The Super mario world of gaming, usually, mario would save her. this is true in the games. however, you can save her as luigi and the story is that luigi originally saved her and they both fell in love.
              Mario and Peach also have a meaningful relationship as well, but due to Daisy's distance in the family, all 4 feel that everyone's relationship is okay (the brother's are italian, remember this )
              Pauline, in her own life, has decided to stay in Brooklyn and live a normal human being's life, whereas thanks to the love interests of her estranged uncle and father, they continue to live the mushroom kingdom, which is in fact, where they were born.
              When they were still babies, they were taken to the real world to grow up and become heroes (the local lore of the mushroom kingdom about heroes and the real world) So they would someday save the mushroom kingdom from the ever-growing threat of bowser.

              So they grew up in their adopted italian family, became plumbers and were generally normal, until they were wisped away on the job to the mushroom kingdom, summoned by little Toad because Peach was kidnapped. It was only coincidence that the brothers ended up there.
              Mario and luigi's real parents have been missing since the brothers were born, but it is rumored that they are either dead or under bowser's control/imprisonment.
              So mario is on a never-ending quest to battle bowser, find his parents and clean up the mystery of his past, which even he doesnt fully realize (to him, he is still a real world native, but little does he know, he was born in the mushroom kingdom)

              and thats pretty much the lore of mario and luigi that has been accepted by fans around the world, although some of the facts stated are still being argued, i feel this is the most believable chronology of mario and luigi's lives, as im sure most of you would agree as well, at least i hope

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                Quote by LegoMovieMan
                If I'm remembering my SML2 instruction booklet correctly, Wario wasn't actually related to Mario in any way, but rather a super-obsessed fan of Mario's that got angry at his idol for some reason and stole the 6 golden coins. Or something.

                The general accepted convention is Mario:Peach::Luigi:Daisy. So maybe at some point Luigi and Daisy had a kid? Who knows.

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                  Random fact:
                  Wario's name isn't just the first letter of Mario's name inverted. It actually comes from the Japanese word warui, which means "bad".

                  Warui + Mario = Wario
                  Warui + Luigi = Waruigi (Waluigi)
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                    two things

                    1. that was an interesting history lesson ninja monkey

                    2. that signature is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to big, black forest cake.
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                      No way I will not believe it until Nintendo develops the idea or storyline about it until then just leave it alone.
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                        Well, I follow the original history and ignore what the other continuities say. Mario and Pauline were an item, boyfriend and girlfriend, in 1980-1981 during the Donkey Kong game long before the Mario Bros. ever met Peach or Daisy. Mario split with Pauline after the 1994 Donkey Kong game for Game Boy and has since devoted all of his attention to Peach while Luigi has the hots for Daisy. Makes sense to me.
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