Thread: DARK CRYSTAL and the flight of the navigator

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    Oh my goodness the dark crystal with the mystics and the skecsis and jen trying to bring balance , jim henson and puperteering at its best!!!

    Flight of the navigator pure 80's sarah jessica parker with green hair actually looking young space crafts and kooky aliens brill!!!
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      Yea I really need to watch Dark Crystal again. My friend reminded me of it the other day saying it was the most tripped over movie he ever seen.
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        I know it's been covered but just to refresh memories there is a sequel to the dark crystal coming in 2006 called The Power of the Dark Crystal
        I don't know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel so much... yummier
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          I loved Flight of the Navigator the scene where the spacecraft speeds through the fields and sky was awesome too bad they didn,t make a sequel where Max returns and reunites with David and travel to another planet to look for any abandoned/lost creatures
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            Flight of the Navigator has always been one of my favorite movies, ahhaa, now they've finally got it out on DVD I can watch it over and over because for a while it was soooo hard to find, like a lot of stuff from the 80's.

            Did you know that Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens did the voice of Max? I mean it always sounded like him to me, but I never made the connection because he's listed under the pseudonym Paul Mall in the credits.

            The aliens on Max's ship (or I guess Max is the ship in a way) used to scare me as a kid, that one that ate David's hat, and that giant eye. And the part at the beginning where he's "abducted" and he's walking through the woods at night, and he sees the water tower and stuff.
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              Never seen Dark Crystal--

              I have Flight Of The Navigator on DVD--
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