Thread: Help me remember this cartoon name please..

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    Ok this cartoon was early 90s late 80s:
    A girl had arm guards and "super stars" she could throw and make come back to her by saying "return"..
    The main guy was a blonde with a sword, and its not he-man...
    And there was a guy who i think wore a turban and carried a staff, he had a sister and brother who were a wolf or something.. he could do magic.. please help this is bothering me to no end
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      That was Conan The Adventurer. Conan was the guy with the sword, and his hair is black. Jasmine was the acrobat wih the enchanted shuriken, Greywolf (Kreyo orum tornas vita! Did he overuse that spell or WHAT?!) of Xanthus with his brother Misha and sister Sasha, who were transformed into wolves, and finally, Needle the baby phoenix.
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        Thanks so much... ive been wondering about this cartoon for so long... ure the best!!!
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